Based in Amsterdam, The SmokeEaters are futuristic DJs who manipulate audio and video images using DVD turntables, mixers and computers, seamlessly bringing together music videos, movies and television combined with electronic dance beats. Having already headlined the legendary Paradiso club in their native Amsterdam on several occasions, The SmokeEaters are now bringing their talents to an international audience playing venues as far afield as Family nightclub in Brisbane, Australia and closer to home in Spain, Belgium, Poland, and Romania. Summer 2010 saw them introduced to the festival circuit to rock the legendary Glastonbury Festival with 2 shows in the huge Dance East tent as well as playing for 3 nights at Ireland's premier festival Oxegen on a 100m HI Def LED screen – one of the biggest in the world. They rounded off the Summer with an outdoor show with massive 360 degree projections at Hungary’s Sziget Festival.
The SmokeEaters sample from all areas of pop, rock and dance culture.The past, present and future is visually re-mixed and re-interpreted. Jim Morrison apocalyptic-ally floats over Daft Punk, Ozzy Osborne segues into a paranoid dance mix with Justice, while Cameo gives the word up! “What you see is what you hear and what your hear is what you see”.
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